I N S I D E 3 escape : a DONJON without a dragon

The first in the Escape range which combines iconic landmarks with labyrinth and puzzle games. It's more plastic bio-based and 100% made in France.

Release the ball with a click and explore the darkness to the exit. Lost ? open, look inside and observe the space.

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I N S I D E 3 cube : a maze brainteaser

The Original Series. Release the marble, watch it go in the dark and try to get it out the other side by simply following the pattern engraved on the surface.

Still 100% made in France, each cube hides a complex labyrinth in space made up of several trays. Up to you!

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I N S I D E 3 Legend : a labyrinth pocket

On 2 levels, with a visible part but full of traps, and another hidofn as dark as it is mysterious.
I N S I D E 3 Legend requests theaddress and of the reflection. Cross bridges, rooms with multiple arches, sneak into the right path.

An adventure accompanied by a plan and the location always at the sound of the ball and 100% maof in France.

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CARAPACES: a building toy

Between origami and Lego, a construction game 100% made in France very simple and design. Carapace allows you to create and recreate objects endlessly.

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I N S I D E 3 what is it?

  • a ball

    That will have to be released from the finger and let it disappear into the darkness.

  • a map

    Engraved on the surface, which allows you to find your way around. just follow the plan.

  • a cube

    Which hides all of the action. The player's imagination will do the rest.

  • a Labyrinth

    From which we must escape. But without seeing anything. Only click clicks and clongs to guide you.

double path

the labyrinths are played in both sides.

You can do battles
lost balls

no worries, we sell balls on the site.

Customer Reviews

nice tweet fromAlexandre Astier at the launch of the Crowdfunding campaign on Ulule

The inside3 puzzle is good for the brain, and memorization, especially to keep children away from screens, my children spent a lot of time to solve it, very happy with my purchase.

Really Challeging

Stumped my fiance, which doesn't happen often. Gave it to him on Christmas and he was seriously losing his mind. I felt like an evil genius! Especially because he hasn't tried any of the easier ones.

entertaining labyrinth

I start by saying that it is extremely difficult to do, but a perfect gift for those people who solve mazes with ease, because with this one they will not have anything easy


Bought as a gift for my best friend, I bought some for our family! Really nice, this puzzle allows you to develop your perception of space!


Great puzzle that has kept me going for hours! Slightly smaller than i expected but thats ok