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I N S I D E 3 Troglodyte: the pocket labyrinth

On 3 levels, with a part visible but full of traps, and 2 others hidden as obscure as it is mysterious.

I N S I D E 3 Troglodyte request Address And  The reflection .

You have to decipher the plans before venturing into the undergrounds.

A level is currently available.

  • Detail of each floor

    If you feel as strong as The Barbarian, you have to play with these partial plans to explore the ziggourate of Tanucul.

    A big part of the adventure will be in darkness and you will be almost happy to see the light of day at the same time as the immense snake.

    The first part of the adventure of finding the Cimmeric steel dagger hidden under the panel is rather easy.

    The second mission of stealing a magic orb is certainly likely to discourage you.

    The third mission of finding the snake is deemed impossible!

    If you are lost go see the following image.


  • Detail of the course

    If you get tired of getting lost in the undergrounds and cursing the guy who made this game, you can use that solution.

    It's a bit of a disgrace but not everything is there either :)

    There are some slurches left and there are corpses on the ground that prevent passing.

    In short, this solution is not sufficient to succeed... And above all, you still have to understand the secret passage (?) That will allow you to succeed in doing the expert time.