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I N S I D E 3 it's easy

It is a 3-dimensional labyrinth that is played blind.

We release the ball, we watch it leave (with forethought) in the dark and we try to make it go to the other side. By simply following the plan engraved on the surface. And if it's not super clear, go see the page I'm lost (We won't judge you, we promise).


3 series based on the same principle: a ball that must cross a labyrinth placed in a cube!

The noVICE series : small with 5 trays to cross and more accessible.

Series 0 (zero) : original series with 7 trays. From easy to very very hard.

The PHANTOM series : complicated/very complicated, 7 trays with 2 balls

In each series, the color of a cube corresponds to its level of difficulty:

Easy : blue, the easiest of the series. From 0 to 1 raised.

Regular : green – a little more complicated with several lifts

Mean : orange – even more complicated, more lifts
Awful : rouge – it gets seriously tough with choice rooms, dead ends and whatnot

Vicious : Brown – as hard as an Awful but DOES NOT OPEN. You will have been warned...

Mortal : noir – as tough as an Awful, DOES NOT OPEN like a Vicious and has no plan surface. Recommended for Jedies and psychopaths.


4 cubes to start.

a small and more accessible range with 5 trays to cross.

The noVICE are a good way to discover INSIDE3.

The Easy is really very simple (from 8 years old) but beware, the Mean is already a bit complex.

series 0

The original series composed of 6 cubes, which starts with an easy cube and ends with a very difficult cube.
The original cubes with 7 trays to cross.

This series contains all difficulty levels.

The Easy is accessible (from 10 years old) and the Mortal is excruciatingly hard. Between the 2, there is a bit of everything. On the other hand, be careful, the Vicious and the Mortal cannot open. To be reserved for the intrepid.


This cube contains a second marble (le phantom).

No easy cube here. If this is your first visit, start with the noVICE range or 0 series.
The Mean and the Awful are difficult, although they can be opened. The Cthulhu is atrocious and does not open (yeah).
With 7 trays labyrinths to cross on the other hand they contain a second marble, walled up alive in a forgotten room of the labyrinth...

This phantom haunts the cube and makes life difficult for the player
reckless. However, it is possible to remove it for training. But that's cheating....