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Meeting with Romain-Guirec, Creator -Designer

A childhood spent playing Lego and drawing. An adolescence spent playing video games, Dungeons & Dragons, watching horror movies and drawing. Engineering studies that allow you to easily master digital tools. Romain-Guirec in 2012 discovered that with a 3D printer and a crowdfunding project, he could create a cube full of darkness containing all his passions: gaming, architecture, exploration, fear.

The Shining, Eischer, Moria, Alien, The Descent and 1,000 other defining memories will be invoked in this debut I N S I D E 3 game that will be acclaimed by audiences.

The manufacturing

Following the improbable success of the fundraising on Ulule (72 k€), he had no choice but to find a factory to produce. He had the chance to meet the incredible David Angers - CEO of Microplast in Périgny (company specializing in plastic injection) which made it possible to manufacture the game. From dream to reality!

To make a labyrinth cube, it's very simple, just inject liquid plastic under high pressure into a mold and unmold like a sandcastle on the beach, but with a bucket that will cost several tens of thousands of Euros .

100% Made in France

From creation-design to packaging, everything is produced and manufactured in France. Some products are packaged in ESAT (establishments or services providing assistance through work welcoming people with disabilities).

For our labyrinth cubes, 50% of the materials come from recycled plastic.

For our latest creation the DONJON (escape range) we have succeeded in overcoming the bet of 100% organic sourced. A biodegradable material and home compost!


They talk about us

nice tweet from Alexandre Astier at the launch of the Crowdfunding campaign on Ulule

THE CONSECRATION : T T (out of 3 at the time) in the Design pages:

"The object illustrates the revolution in design - digital production"



A double page in Liberation: We sail blind […]. "Roll, roll, tick" is for example the only clue we have to suppose that the ball has traveled a small corridor.


An incredible text and photo in Faux Q magazine:

"This cube is introverted, cerebral, asocial, we play it alone as we pray in a silent church or as we stir up our memories on a sofa"



Technikart in December 2012: during our campaign Ulule:

"Pretty look, ingenious idea and an ability to drive you crazy looking for the exit. We bet it'll work?"


It's in the box

Fastoche? definitely not! Not only does the maze consist of 7 levels, but the progression is done blindly."


  • And above all a community

    Thanks to them, the game was born: 1000 people. There is not enough room to put all the names, so just THANK YOU to this amazing community.

  • A selection of achievements by the community:

    1- Summon a Tindalos Hound with a Cthulhu Cube

  • A selection of achievements by the community:

    2- The very first cube solver robot

  • A selection of achievements by the community:I

    3- I  N S I D E 3 in H2O: our Rémy, world champion!


“Comfort is not very stimulating for the brain. To get lost in the darkness and to come out of it is still something else."


"I N S I D E 3 is not a game of maracas. If you make too much noise and you don't know where the ball is, change your method".